An early Christmas present and a call for help.

Last spring I sent a message to all the family that was on Facebook about the possibility of starting a family history web site. The idea was well received and since that time I've been working on and off on it. I almost had it done when I accidentally deleted all the data. It took some time, but this web site has almost all of the original data, plus some additional material. I have registered the domain name, but this site isn't just about the Groths and could easily have been called by any other of the related family names like Wells, Cote, Henry, Tippie, Kohl, etc.

It is NOT finished. It is also not without errors and I apologize for my mistakes which I am sure are many. I relied mostly on my memory and Facebook profiles for more recent events and my Mom's memory for the not so recent events. Most of the info before 1970 is from the book The Francois Henry Family by Barbara P. Quealy. Which is why the site needs your help. Every new bit of information, correction, photo, or story would be greatly appreciated.

The site itself is basically a database generated by a program called Gramps genealogy system. It's a free program you can download at To add new info or make a correction you can either do it yourself using Gramps - I have the backed up the database in a semi-public dropbox (ask me for the link) - or just give me the info and it will be up the next time the site is updated.

I never met Mrs. Quealy, but I am grateful that she took the time to write The Francois Henry Family. Likewise, I'm sure that a few of our grandchildren and great-grandchildren will be interested in their own personal family history.


Greg Groth
Thursday, November 25, 2010
Thanksgiving day